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    • Bicyclist And Police Car Collide In Syracuse

      Bicyclist And Police Car Collide In Syracuse

      A car accident between a city police car and bicyclist is being investigated by Syracuse police.
      The bicyclist, 20, a Syracuse University student, suffered minor injuries despite not wearing a…

    • Two Deaths Linked To Tainted Beef

      Two Deaths Linked To Tainted Beef

      At least 546,000 pounds of beef have been recalled in New York and at least seven other states because beef from a local processing plant has been linked to E. coli.
      The tainted meat has been…

    • Fun Express Recalls Water-Based Face Paint

      Fun Express Recalls Water-Based Face Paint

      Certain cosmetic “Face Paints” have been recalled following reports of skin irritation in small children.
      Fun Express Inc., owned by the Oriental Trading Co, is the brand name of the…

    • FDA Issues Warnings for Biphosphonates

      FDA Issues Warnings for Biphosphonates

      The FDA is reminding prescibers and patients that certain osteoporosis medications may be associated with severe or incapacitating bone, joint and muscle pain. FDA advises that these side effects may develop days, months or even years after starting the drug and may persist despite stopping the medication. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors side effects of drugs that are currently…

    • Banks and Insurance Companies and Accidents

      Banks and Insurance Companies and Accidents

      The subprime mess show to what extremes the financial institutions will go to protect the bottom line.In what could be a a key ruling for those of us hoping to learn more about shady subprime lending practices, a bankruptcy judge has given New Century Financial until February 6 to turn over a report of an investigation into the firm’s cash handling practices to bankruptcy monitors..This is an…

    • More DWI and Crashes

      More DWI and Crashes

      Last nights accidentA Marcellus man is now facing a charge of driving while intoxicated in the two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Lee Mulroy and Bishop Hill roads, Onondaga County sheriff’s deputies said demonstrates again what can happen with drinking and driving. It risk everyones life. Please be safeFor more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle…

    • Winter Construction Safety

      Winter Construction Safety

      Winter is a hard time for outdoor work. The many hazards of a construction site increase 10 fold in the winter. Remember to take your time keep warm and keep safe so the projects are completed timely and safely.For more information on this subject, please see our section on Worksite Injuries and Workers Compensation.

    • Happy New Year

      Happy New Year

      The new year brings an opportunity to review all your insurance issue. Examine you car insurance to make sure you have the right amount of coverage and that you have the maximum uninsured motorist coverage. This will protect you and other if you are involved in a car crash. Make sure your homeowners coverage has sufficient policy limits so year are covered for any slip and falls or other…

    • Medical Malpractice More Truths

      Medical Malpractice More Truths

      The facts about medical malpractice need to be told. Most of the information that people believe are myths generated by the health care industry. The facts are astounding. Currently, attorneys and patients have no way of knowing who these bad doctors are because the National Practitioner Data Base’s public use file conceals practitioners’ personal information. Public Citizen urged Congress to…

    • Schools and Legal Responsibility

      Schools and Legal Responsibility

      School Districts have a special responsibility to take care of our children. They sit in the shoes of parents during the school day. Parents need to work with their school district to keep our children safe. Children are at risk for falls , bus accidents, and attacks from other students. If any thing goes wrong much sure a report is filed. Claims against school districts generally require…