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Big Brother IS Watching You

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I have noticed a disturbing trend in the way victims of negligence are treated. Insurance companies rather than paying a fair settlement will use any means not to pay a fair settlement. One trick is to blame the injured party and to try to show they are trying to “rip off” the system. How do they do this?

One of the method is to follow the injured person around. During the process of watching and following over days they will take video to try and show that the injured party is not really hurt at all. they will mislead and question friends and neighbors to try and get some “dirt”. This process may seem harmless . It is not. The methods used can be manipulated to show anyone in a bad light. The invasion of privacy can be severe. So if you are injured at work, in a car accident, in a fall, on a construction site, or from anyone negligence beware big brother may be watching

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