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Motorcycles Accidents – South Avenue, Syracuse

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Another motorcycle accident occurred this morning on South Avenue in Syracuse where a truck turned in front of a motorcycle causing the collision. As a result the motorcyclist was critcally injured. This is approximately the fifth motorcycle accident in our area in the last week with all five causing serious injuries. I again ask the motoring public to watch for cyclists as the summer months are upon us.

The newspapwers wrote:

The motorcyclist was heading north when the truck towing a flatbed trailer, which was heading south, turned into the parking lot of Cross Cultural Baptist Church, Cecile said. The church is on South Avenue between Bissell Street and Onondaga Avenue.

The motorcycle struck the rear right quarter panel of the truck and the motorcyclist became lodged between the rear of the truck and the trailer, Cecile said.


Legally motorcycle accidents are quite different that automobile accidents as the no-fault insurance law does not apply.