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Summer months – drag racing

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With the summer months come the summer cars. Anyone who has been on Erie Blvd. over the summer as see cars drag racing from light to light. In my day we have Camaro’s and Mustangs and now the kids seem to enjoy modifying Civic’s and Eclipses. This country is in love with the automobile and this writer is as well. However, we must be safe on the roadways and Erie BLvd is not the proper place given families are returning from the movies etc.

There are designated tracks in our area. Racing will only lead to car crashes, injuries, death and likely criminal penalties. Please do not race on our area streets of there can be consequences:

Instead of slowing down or steering his black Mustang away from traffic, 19-year-old Bradley Mullins kept drag racing down a busy street on Sept. 24, 2005, a prosecutor said Thursday as Mullins’ trial opened.

As a result, David Crockett High School’s newly crowned homecoming queen, Cortney Hensley, died in a fiery car crash, charged Washington County prosecutor Al Schmutzer during his opening remarks