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Chrissie Cole

Two Deaths Linked To Tainted Beef

At least 546,000 pounds of beef have been recalled in New York and at least seven other states because beef from a local processing plant has been linked to E. coli.
The tainted meat has been…

Chrissie Cole

Fun Express Recalls Water-Based Face Paint

Certain cosmetic “Face Paints” have been recalled following reports of skin irritation in small children.
Fun Express Inc., owned by the Oriental Trading Co, is the brand name of the…

Staff Writer

FDA Issues Warnings for Biphosphonates

The FDA is reminding prescibers and patients that certain osteoporosis medications may be associated with severe or incapacitating bone, joint and muscle pain. FDA advises that these side effects may develop days, months or even years after starting the drug and may persist despite stopping the medication. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors side effects of drugs that are currently…

Joe Stanley

Buyer Beware

The recent recalls of Chinese products has generated a scare. As consumers in a global economy we all should be concerned with the many reports. of defective products. As citizens we should be concerned with our governments failure to protect us. Lawyers have over the years been the help of last resort for injured consumers. In a global economy seeking compensation from those responsible is a…

Rob Quattrocci

Couple Files Paxil Birth Defects Lawsuit

A South Carolina couple is suing the maker of the anti-depressant Paxil, who they believe caused their daughter’s birth defect. It is the first lawsuit of it’s kind filed within this state.Taylor Dismuke looks like any other 6-year-old little girl but she is living with a heart malformation that will affect her for the rest of her life. Her mother, Kimberly Dismuke said, “She won’t be able to…

Chrissie Cole

Buying Prescription Drugs Online May be a Health Risk

People that are trying to save some bucks by ordering their prescription drugs online might be putting their health at risk. And now, the government is trying to step in and help out.The federal government reports that a “rash of bad drug mix ups and dangerous drugs are ending up in American homes.” The FDA further states, the bargain medicines you buy online could very well be “fakes.”There are…

Chrissie Cole

FDA Approves New Drugs too Quickly

An FDA whistleblower says there is a “culture of approval” that allows dangerous drugs to make it to the market far too quickly.Doctor David Ross, a former drug reviewer at the FDA, told a panel that they push to “find ways” to quickly get new drugs to the market without concern for the consumer.Ross says the FDA approved Ketek (an antibiotic) although they knew it could potentially kill people…

Chrissie Cole

Prepulsid Drug Alleged to be Ineffective & Dangerous

A Canadian man whose 15-year-old daughter died after taking the prescription drug Prepulsid is now filing a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, the drug’s manufacturer.Terence Young’s daughter, Vanessa, died in 2000 from a heart arrhythmia after using the drug to ease symptoms of bloating.The class action, recently certified by an Ontario judge, is seeking damages for cardiac-related…