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Buying Prescription Drugs Online May be a Health Risk

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People that are trying to save some bucks by ordering their prescription drugs online might be putting their health at risk. And now, the government is trying to step in and help out.

The federal government reports that a “rash of bad drug mix ups and dangerous drugs are ending up in American homes.” The FDA further states, the bargain medicines you buy online could very well be “fakes.”

There are instances where consumers were led to believe they were ordering sleeping aids and anti-depressants from different companies. When, what they actually received was a powerful mix of anti-psychotic drugs. The FDA is currently investigating many cases where people have landed in the emergency room for taking these pills.

The FDA has created a specific webpage that hosts photos of these “fake” drugs and the packaging they arrive in so you can compare them to anything you have bought online.

If you have been a victim and received dangerous prespription drugs online, file a complaint with the FDA immediately and contact a lawyer to find out your options if necessary.