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Workplace Injuries – Workers Compensation

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Slip and falls are extremely common in the workplace as well as at home. Adults over the age
of 65 are even more prone as they can no longer take evasive action when presented with an

But falling is not just a problem of the elderly. In the workplace, about a quarter-million workers each year suffer injuries from falls that are bad enough to make them take time off, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. That costs billions of dollars. Even without hitting the ground, 30,000 employees suffered sprains or strains from the wrenching experience that made them lose workdays in 2005.


When injured at your place of employment you are entitled to file for Workers Compensation benefits which will pay you lost wages, medical expenses and some miscellaneous expenses. However, depending on the facts of your fall you may also have a personal injury action where you can collect for lost wages (not paid by workers comp) as well as pain and suffering. If you have questions about workers compensation or a personal injury claim please do not hesitate to contact the Stanley Law Offices.