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The loss of the right to sue could affect you

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In ohio like many states the insurance companies and big business have you popular myths and folklore stories to severely limit the right of victims of wrongful conduct.http://www.ohio.com/mld/beaconjournal/new
As is always the case those without power are penalized. Limiting victims rights does not lower insurance premiums.I just generates more profits for insurance companies and businesses. Why should taxpayers have to assume the cost of the injured when the wrongful can and should be responsible. So all car crash victims construction workers and all of us who are potention victims of negligence should speak up to protect our rights.

.For if the right to sue for legal wrongs is limited , restricted or eliminated the wrongdoers will prosper. Without fear of being held responsible for their wrongs who will regulate and control the wrongdoers. Certainly not the goverment. Soi beware of your rights and protect them. Because you will not know what you got until its gone.